Todd Hilde
John Babcock
Tim Hilde
Executive Vice President
Doug Loebertmann
Vice President


We Value Great Value

At TruckXpress, we build trucks that standup to the rigors of the job. Whatever and wherever that may be. Being in the business for over 50 years has lead to TruckXpress – an experience built around the customer – you. We make sure every truck that rolls out is a perfect fit for the long haul.

With You From The Ground Up

TruckXpress has been a cornerstone in your industry for many years. It just so happens that along the way we built a reputation for excellence. We build great trucks and keep them in service with great support, ready-to-go parts and knowledge that delivers real performance. From the smallest part to the biggest truck, we back it. That’s a hard thing to find these days – until now. Build your next truck with TruckXpress and you’ll set the bench mark for your entire fleet. We guarantee it.

Failure is not an option – IT’S A PROCESS

We put our trucks and components to the test every day. It’s our passion to push the envelope. Years of building experience yielded TruckXpress – a tried and true formula for spec’ing vacuum trucks for the portable restroom industry. It all starts by contacting our pros. They’re hard at work building the best trucks with tough tanks and components to suit your job.

Need a replacement part? We’ve got it. Need a replacement truck? If it’s not on the ground, we’ll build it. Have a question? Call us, we have your next solution.

The Craft Of Building

We know it’s important to bring efficiency, reliability and performance to your industry. That’s how you become a household name – by bringing usability to every market. We build trucks with in-the-field tested components that keep you in service. Along the way we’ve gained an expertise and stuck to our principals and values. You can call it development. We call it honesty and integrity. Putting the best trucks on the road, the safest and always providing value at every turn. TruckXpress is another proud addition to the Satellite Industries family. Join us.