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The MAL slide-in series has a variety of tanks ranging from 300, 450, 550, 650, and 900 gallons with custom sizes available. The twin compartment tank holds waste water in the main tank and fresh water in the internal tank. The internal tank acts as a baffle helping to reduce the amount of sloshing making stopping and cornering easier. The lighter aluminum tank weighs significantly less than a mild or stainless steel tank, which results in less wear and tear on your truck.


Proposition 65 for purchases in California

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  • 3” waste outlet valve, rear service
  • 2” fresh outlet valve, rear service
  • Waste & Fresh sight glasses
  • Vacuum gauge mounted on vacuum system mounting platform



Vacuum System Features
  • Service hose 25' (other lengths are optional)
  • Pump oiling system
  • Primary overflow valve (in-tank design)
  • Secondary check valve (in-line design)
  • Exhaust muffler



Standard Vacuum System

The standard vacuum system consists of an engine belt driven vacuum system using a Conde 6SS vacuum pump belt driven by a Honda 5.5 HP gas engine.



Optional Vacuum Systems

Conde 6 SDS 4-way valve pump direct driven by Honda 9 HP gas engine
Masport HXL3V 4-way valve pump direct driven by Honda 9 HP gas engine



Wash Down System

Flojet or whale diaphragm 45 PSI, 4 GPM pump with 25’ garden hose and sprayer. Powered by vacuum system battery.

Pressure wash systems
Longer vacuum hose lengths
Dump hose in 5’ or 10’ lengths
Download Catalog:Satellite Vacuum Trucks Product Catalog
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