Our Trucks always clean up nice

  • Daily
  • Annually
  • Every 5 Years

Make sure to fill with fresh fuel and check the pump system oil. Also check the air filter, transmission oil and tire pressure. Finish by checking all of the hoses, suction and discharge valves as well as the pressure gauge.

In the midst of operation keep an eye on the vacuum gauge, relief valve on the secondary trap as well as the main valves and hoses. Always make sure oil is flowing to the vacuum pump during operation.

After every use drain the oil catch muffler and drain the secondary/trap scrubber.

Extensive maintenance checks are required after every five hours of operation. Check and wash the air filter in diesel fuel and inlet pre-filter, clean the oil tank, grease the jackshaft spleen and other joints. Also flush and grease the vacuum pump and pump drive line. Be sure to check the fittings and bolts around the truck and never let it sit idle for more than a month.

To assure longevity of truck, tank and pumping system it is key to make sure all moving parts are greased or lubricated on a weekly basis. Normal use causes metal to metal movement on cab and tank. If truck and tank are not properly lubricated it can cause improper wear and tear, decreasing the longevity of tank and parts.

Every 30 days check tank bolts to make sure they are torqued to the proper ft. lbs.

  • - Clean pump and container, refill with recommended oil.
  • - Older pumps need to be drained to eliminate condensation build up in tank, especially in colder climates.
  • - Replace air filter.

Every five years the vacuum pump should be overhauled, including the replacement of vanes to assure maximum pump efficiency.